Wednesday, November 5, 2008

For My Sister

Here are a few of my favorite photos that I have collected from people.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

How to create and Diffuse a Mary Moment

How to Create a Mary Moment

1. Wedding less than 3 months away

2. Buy a house

3. Pack a house

4. Fiancee leaving for Bachelor party weekend of big move

5. new house left a mess by old owners

6. Groomsmen still have pants at the store

7. House on market...not one call :(

8. Best man = Realtor

How to Diffuse a Mary Moment

1. Hire 6 big men to move Mary out of house while B is partying with 17 of his friends

2. Hire a team of cleaning professionals to clean the house before the movers arrive on Friday

3. Be very quiet while Mary is sleeping
4. Bring Mary's mother up to keep nerves to a minimum
5. Get Internet!
6. Have a mojito waiting
hmmmm. Barret you are a quick learner!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

All about me...and a little about Barret!

This weekend was so much fun! First we put the house on the market! Whooo Hooo...say a little prayer please. Then Anne, Brian and Bert arrived for a crazy weekend of wedding fun. I have to admit I have never been a great fan of bridal showers, but I had so so so much fun at mine. It could have been that it looked like Christmas at Mount Airy when I walked in the room, but I really think it was because of great friends and family all together for 2 hours! Pam and Melissa outdid themselves. There was great food, a beautiful cake that Melissa's sister-in-law made and some fun non cheesy bridal shower games. I really have never laughed so hard in my life! Then it was home again to unload all the beautiful & wonderful gifts (thank you everyone), a quick nap and then we were out again! Caroline, Hobert, Gibson and Burlee hosted an evening of fun! Again the food was wonderful, the mojitos were delicious, the keg was kicked (sign of a good time) and again family and friends were there to share! Barret and I are so lucky to have such great friends and family who support and love us! Only 53 more days until the BIG day!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Musical Chairs-ghetto style

On Saturday I cleaned for 8 hours straight. This might sound not abnormal to some people, but it is very abnormal for me. I was nauseous with the smell of bleach by the end of the day. Our house is going on the market on Thursday and everything has to be in tip top shape. The windows are clear, the kitchen is now yellow, the toilet has a new someone is going to walk into the house and really dig it. But thank god it was not on the market this week with visitors on Saturday afternoon. What seemed at first like a great kids birthday party across the street took an interesting twist. I drove to go and get the painters and myself some lunch and in the alley was a huge blowup water slide where kids were having a blast! There was ribbons and balloons and pin the tale on the donkey all over the neighbors yard with kids running everywhere. What a great city birthday party. Barret and I started to work in the yard a little bit and started hearing some music coming from the party. A little Shaggy with Mr. Boombastic...nothing crazy. Then we heard one of the worst songs either one of us had ever heard full of the N word, the B word, the F name it word and it was in there. But something was wrong with the kept playing and then would turn off and then play again and turn off. About the third time we realized there was giggles and screaming when the music was turned off...they were playing musical chairs. I mean I wish you could have heard this was different. Both Barret and I were very glad no one was looking though our house at that moment...but there is always this weekend!

Monday, July 21, 2008


Dear T2,
I hope you had a wonderful birthday party yesterday! I loved being there with you and getting to play with all your toys and write special notes on your chalkboard! I know you really loved your cupcakes, finger paints and new tractor that godfather peter brought for you! You have a very exciting year with a new brother on the way in 6 weeks! You are going to be a great big brother because you are possibly the sweetest child I have ever met. I never get tired of your sloppy kisses and huge hugs. You are a love my dear. I am so lucky to have you AND Becca in the wedding. I love you both dearly. I am glad you are back in VA and I miss you! Fins! Noggin!
Love you,
Aunt Mary

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

No Jones or Smith

So it occurred to me that in 88 days not only will I be a wife, have a husband and in-laws, but I will also have a new last name. Don't get me wrong I didn't just think about it...I have been practicing my new signature but I just really started to think think about it. It kind of reminds me of when someone asks you how old you are and you just had a birthday. You say I am 25 but really you are 26, but for the past year you have been saying 25. Except I have had my last name for 26 years...not just one. And then all of the sudden poof you say a few words you are blessed and you have a new last name. I imagine it takes some time before you remember each time what your new last name is. Not only am I getting a new last name I am getting a new complicated last name. Emery has treated me fine...I usually have to spell it because people want to write down EmOry or for some reason they think I have said my name is Mary Emily. But that is nothing compared to what is coming. Leipertz. So now we are going to have a spelling and pronuciation lesson, because if you are my family and friends you should know how to spell and say it because you are going to get asked Leipawhat too. So spelling is a little tricky. It doesn't follow the "i before e except after c" little diddy we were taught in kindergarten. switches on you and is LEI. But is pronounced LIE. Then the next slip is that everyone wants to put an 's' on the end...but it is a 'z'....but again it sounds like 's'. So L-E-I-P-E-R-T-Z. So we got the LEI sounds like LIE and the PERTZ that sounds like HERTZ with a P. So if you remember can remember to pronounce it LEIPERTZ! Jones or Smith would have just been to simple. Oh and as a side note...Barret has two r's and 1 t.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

That's one big tree

The other weekend I was home doing wedding things and mom took me to this tree. For those of you familiar with home, you know where the oyster field is? As you come down millpond rd and at the stop sign to the right? That is where this is...Can you believe it? See me in the bottom left corner??? This thing is huge! Strange Spring here in Virginia.